ICT to render VET more inclusive

The main objective of this platform is to support organizations / institutions providing vocational education and training (VET) to become more inclusive using information and communication technology (ICT).

If you are a teacher or manager in VET, or if you are supporting VET organizations in organizational change processes as an - internal or external - facilitator, then this platform provides tools for you to explore the potentials inherent to ICT to increase your organization's inclusive capacity. By selecting your role below, you can access information on how the EICON approach will help you.

Teacher in VET

You are a teacher at a VET organisation and wonder if you can make teaching and training more inclusive with the help of ICT. EICON helps you to explore the inclusion potential of ICT for your teaching.

Facilitator in VET

To accompany organisations through change processes is your daily business. EICON offers you specific tools that can be used in such processes to help VET organizations reach a higher level of inclusion capacity.

Manager in VET

Inclusion is only one of several quality goals that you must and want to achieve with your VET organisation. EICON helps you to avoid limiting inclusion to the classrooms, but rather to explore the inclusion potential of ICT at the level of the overall organisation.


The approach presented at this platform has been developed in the context of an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership EICON from 2018 - 2020. Details about the partners and on the project activities are also available at this platform.